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Throw your next birthday party, girl's night out, bridal shower, girl/boy scout meeting, parent/tot special time, corporate team building event at Studio You. Your guests of all ages will have a unique creative experience and go home with great memories and will receive one-of-a-kind party favors: their original pieces! This beats making a party bag any day. Studio You is the perfect place to celebrate any occasion with a fun-filled, hassle-free party! Studio You also can go on the road to your event; just give the studio a call and ask about our Studio-To-You option!

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Party Package
Available for groups of 8 or more/minimum 8 pieces painted . Note: Adults can paint too, OR you can purchase that 8th piece and bring it back when you can paint. Groups of less than 8 can just walk in. Our studio tables seat 6-7 painters very nicely, if you are not planning to do the whole cake/present party. We make this as simple as possible for you so our parties can accomodate every budget! You choose pieces and prices that are best for you. We are always available to offer suggestions.

Pottery Party Price Details:
$40.00 Party Room Rental
Plus the price of the piece

Our ten most popular colors for everyone to use , 1 and1/2 hours of Studio Time, brief instruction,
Glazing and Firing
We package all pieces for and easy pick-up by the party host in 7 days
Use of the Private Party Room

Canvas paint party includes:
Minimum 8 / Max 10 painters. ~ Age 8+ ~ Not an instructed class. ~ You are welcome to bring in a design for painters to copy.
cost: room fee of $40 for 1.5 hours ($55 for 2 hours) AND $18 per painter for the supplies (canvas, brush, apron and up to 6 acrylic paint colors).

Party Time is yours.... Bring beverages, cake, presents, meals...whatever you need! We do have a refrigerator/freezer and a microwave for use during your party.

No blow horns, whistles or loud party favors please.


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Notes & Restrictions :

Additional party room time can be purchased for $15.00 per 1/2 hour
Pick-up for packaged pieces by one person, usually the party host, is 7 days after the date of the party. (We do not give out the pieces individually as it gets too confusing as to who picked up what). 3. A deposit of $50.00 is required for ANY party booked and is applied to your bill on party day. This fee is non-refundable if party cancels within one week of scheduled date or doesn't show up for any reason, or if the party is
booked outside of normal business hours. We are open to schedule parties outside of business hours by appointment.



We can bring a party to you! Any type of party is available. Call us for pricing on this one.



For $3.00 per paint color or 4 colors for $10, and the price of your piece(s), you can take your party home, paint and drop it off to us to be fired.



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Schedule your next party or gathering today ~ 608-833-1393

Notice: No piece(s) will be fired until paid in full.